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The Miracle of the Quilts

My neighbors and I had five minutes to evacuate our homes during the Almeda Fire. I was able to grab my dog and my cat, their food, their food bowls, and four wash cloths. Four wash cloths? Really? Of the five minutes to evacuate, I spent one entire minute standing in my front room wondering if I should close the curtains. My mind had gone into panic mode, and I was paralyzed. It was then that I heard my daughter's voice in my head screaming at me to "Go, Get Out, Go Mom Go." So, I got in the car with the clothes on my back, my two animals, and we left the park. On my way out of the park, I was sure we'd be back the next day. I was sure I was over reacting.

As we all know, the fire consumed my entire neighborhood along with an overwhelming number of other neighborhoods and homes. All of my quilts went up in smoke. A dear friend had said to me, that if she'd been at my home, she would have grabbed my quilts off the walls and put them in her car. I thanked her and told her that if she'd been at my home, I would have made her get in her car and go. Life is more precious than any quilt, but thank you. I knew that I would remember the quilts in my mind. All was well.

Then, several days later, one of my students called to remind me that I had loaned her my laptop. I was in awe. My laptop had survived the fire. When I looked at the files, I found pictures of many of my quilts. These pictures below are some of my quilts. I hand dyed the fabric and many of the quilts were my own pattern. I am so grateful, fortunate and appreciative that pictures of my quilts remain. I want to share my pictures with all of you. Enjoy the beauty. Enjoy life.


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