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Recommendations from Parents

Hello Shawna, I just wanted to thank you again for helping Kailey get through the GED process. We had previously tried many different options and none of them seemed to work for her. Your approach not only proved to be successful for her in giving her the confidence to complete her GED but she actually liked going to see you and I truly believe that she thoroughly enjoyed the time spent learning. She still mentions things to me that usually start out by saying “my tutor taught me this…” which tells me that your style of teaching is very effective not only to help her get through testing but to gain a true understanding of how the material relates to real life applications. She particularly loved any of the activities that you did that related to animals and art as this really connected with Kailey. Thank you again for believing in her, as I do, and helping her gain the confidence to be better prepared for the future. I sincerely appreciate everything you did to help her, over and above my expectations of your obligations, and truly believe that you have helped her become a more confident individual for her entire life. Feel free to use any or all of this letter on your testimonial page (Parents Corner). And rest assured if anyone ever asks me for the name of a great tutor I will most definitely give them your name! Sincerely, Ron Hughes 503-277-9208

There's nothing more gratifying than finding positive relief for a problem. Shawna Huggins, tutor extraordinaire, has been our relief and our lifesaver. With her smile and positive outlook, our frustrated student can look at her and know, "I can get through this". 
Shawna has built confidence in our student and helped him get organized. She understands his unique learning challenges and has a way of teaching that he has not gotten from his overextended teachers in classes of 33+ students.  
With her guidance, he has managed to pull HIMSELF from the abyss of failing classes to become a Man who can manage his time and organize his work and his life.  Now he looks to the future and sees what needs to be done and makes his DREAMS realities. His usual reply after a session with Shawna is, "Shawna is the best!"
Gerry Pare'

Talent, Oregon

Hi Shawna, We have such fond memories of the time that Riley had under your tutelage. He loved you...and still loves you! Riley is a highly successful young man, in part due to your endless support and guidance. He owns his own home, has completely remodeled it beautifully, has 3 housemates (including his little brother Noah!), and 3 automobiles! Riley sells cars at a small high end dealership where he does everything in the sales including the financing. This is a kid who thought he couldn't do basic math or complete a paragraph. He invests in the stock market and has plans to possibly start designing his own furniture line. He's already saved enough to buy and remodel a second home. I really dont mean to be bragging...I just want you to know how well this guy has done when some teachers thought he should be in Special Ed!! But not Shawna!! You believed in him and saw his bright light, just as you have seen each of your students talents. Thank you Shawna, from the bottom of my heart!! 

Jane Price

Tempe, Arizona

Shawna was a life saver to my family and our daughter. As parents, we were so frustrated and had given up on the public school system ever being able to support and educate her. They were just not equipped to help her with all of her physical and emotional sensitivities.  Since we were not able to homeschool her ourselves and were very concerned about finding the perfect tutor who could understand her needs. Shawna knew exactly how to work with her to help her regain her love for learning. She also helped us relax about the details and was always there to help us emotionally through all the concerns. She helped schedule all the required testing and walked us though everything. It was such a relief to have someone so knowledgeable help us through the red tape of the education system. I know for a fact that I could not have chosen a better tutor for my daughter. With Shawna’s help, love and support I know my daughter can tackle anything she puts her mind too.

Dana McLean

Ashland, Oregon

Our daughter is currently a junior at Lewis and Clark. She found your help invaluable, both while she was ill and catching up after. She also really enjoyed working with you. She is majoring in Math with a Computer Science minor. As I recall, math was one of the subjects you helped her with. She is interested in Robotics and Engineering. When she graduates with her Math degree, she plans to get a job, probably programming and later go back to finish a degree in engineering or go to grad school in AI and Robotics.

Karen M.

Medford, Oregon


Mamas! If your child needs a tutor or you just want to give them a leg up, I absolutely cannot recommend Shawna enough!! She not only tutored me (aced my GED 12 years ago) but worked with my brother and quite a few of my homeschooling friends, who have all gone on to be accomplished collage graduates with a love for learning. Shawna fosters this love with her incredible patience and unparalleled technique. 
I hope you will give her the opportunity to bring out the best in your learner as well.

Aspehn Tao McNamara

Ashland, Oregon 

Students who are lucky enough to work with Shawna find that their knowledge base and skill level increases dramatically, but equally important, they gain confidence in their abilities and really do enjoy learning. Whether they are making paper machines, models of the periodic table, designing locks, exploring art, or sailing through their SAT or GED, they come to appreciate how wonderful learning can be when they have a gifted teacher such as Shawna.

Laurie Cuddy

Professional Tutor and Reading Specialist

Talent, Oregon


Shawna, there really is no one else I would trust most of my patients to other than you.

Dr. Debra Koutnik

Ashland, Oregon


Shawna is an outstanding resource. She has more diversity in her knowledge and more creativity than any other tutor I have come across in my 25 years of tutoring. She is absolutely her students’ best advocate. Shawna Huggins is an asset to the profession.

Margaret Holman

Professional Tutor

Ashland, Oregon


Thanks for another great school year! I think Louis ( 8th grade) got on the honor roll this semester. We’ll know for sure in a few days. Great job Shawna! Thanks for all your work and for being so caring and positive with our dear son.

Ardyce Hutmacher

Ashland, Oregon


I can’t tell you how much we appreciated your help with Cambri (age 14) last year with her algebra. Thank you!

Stacey Williams

Ashland, Oregon


Your sessions with Axel are one of the things we miss about Southern Oregon.  You are so great at what you do!  I often think, "what would Shawna do?"


Bend, Oregon


Hello Shawna:Thank you for all your support. Dayne’s (age 15) academic and personal outlook has really taken a positive leap since he has been working with you. I feel he is on a very positive track and I feel your encouragement has contributed to that tremendously.

Cynthia Guthrie

Phoenix. Oregon


Our daughter (age eight) loves the time she spends with you! Thanks for being an engaged and exciting teacher!”

Jill Hersch

Ashland, Oregon


Dear Shawna,You have been such a positive force in our son’s life (age 16). You make learning fun, even when the material can seem unsurmountable!! You provide a safe, caring environment where our son can feel secure and learn in a positive atmosphere. Max and Carter help him in so many ways to make the lessons go smoothly when it could be stressful. You allow our son to go at his own pace and yet still manage to pull out those very important learning skills that will help him as he goes through life. You have provided a safe educational haven which attests to your exceptional educational and personal skills geared toward children of all ages including children that have special needs.There is no way we can ever really thank you, except to let other children and parents know what is possible for their child. Thank you so much for being in our lives.

Michele & Eric Levin

Talent, Oregon


Shawna is an absolute delight! She is positive, practical and extremely helpful. She has a comprehensive understanding of students’ academic needs and has innovative ways of making learning fun. I highly recommend her.

Glen Moriarty, Phd

Virginia Beach, VA


Dear Shawna, Last week, when I was not feeling well, Drake asked if he could take a taxi to your house for his tutoring session. When I said “No” he asked if he could ride his bike…..I think he enjoys his time with you.

Deanna Calkins

Jacksonville, Oregon

(Drake is 11 and lives about 30 miles away)


My daughter’s confidence in herself – that she can learn things that she thought were “too difficult” – is one reason I believe strongly in this tutoring situation. Students that have difficulties in learning the “traditional way” can be encouraged to find the joy of learning – and then they do learn!!! Shawna has been instrumental, and very effective, in changing my daughter’s attitude about academics and her ability to do well with school subjects she always struggled with. As parents, we are grateful for Shawna’s skills and gifts, and her love of working with kids to help them to find their potential.

Leslie Case

Jacksonville, Oregon


With Shawna’s tutoring, my daughter was able to successfully complete online biology and geometry classes. Along the way, she developed a more positive attitude about school and more self confidence in her academic abilities. She always looked forward to her “Shawna days”!

Sherril Rinehart

Ashland, Oregon


Shawna,You gave a sanctuary to us from “fear of school . . . math in particular!” We are in your fan club forever. Looking forward to the next season of fun.With heartfelt appreciation,

Chloe and Ari Peart

Talent, Oregon




Shawna, there really is no one else I would trust most of my patients to other than you.
Dr. Debra Koutnik
Ashland, Oregon

SAT Tutoring: What Parents Say

When it came time to work with a tutor to prepare my daughter for her SAT’s test, Shawna Huggins was recommended by teachers and friends. Her reputation was validated by her amazing rapport and excellent guidance about how to prepare for this most important test. Shawna’s guidance included a review, how to manage time and best practices. My daughter achieved a 97th percentile on the SAT test.  We owe it all to Shawna Huggins.

Very gratefully, Darby Stricker

Talent, Oregon   


Our daughter was accepted into Biola University and got a Dean's Scholarship! Thank you for helping to bring up her SAT scores. It helped her to secure $5,000/year for four years! We really benefited from your help and I know others will too.

Leanne W.

Medford, Oregon

Thanks Shawna, the first time I picked Bronson (age 16) up from SAT tutoring he said that you make it fun! Probably the best compliment. Thank you so much. I so appreciate you! I am so grateful for you expert assistance. You are truly miraculous!

Mori Samel-Garloff

Ashland, Oregon

SAT Tutoring: What Students Say

I just finished my SAT and I did so well! I was so happy and relieved that I knew what to do. Thank you so much!


Medford, Oregon   

Shawna not only helped me raise my SAT scores, but she also helped me raise my AP Comp scores. I give her the highest recommendation possible.

Adam Pavlich

Ashland, Oregon

SAT Tutoring: What Educators Say

Ms. Huggins demystifies the SAT for students who are intimidated by it. In her SAT workshop she presented helpful, easy to understand strategies which empowered our students to feel more confident as they approach and practice for the test. Jennifer Marsden, Director 21st Century After School Learning Program, Illinois Valley High School Cave Junction, Oregon  


Shawna is a wonderful asset to our College Prep classes. The students enjoy Shawna's expertise and enjoy learning from her as well. She is well received by the College Prep students and parents. Danya Greene Hector, Director Extended Campus Programs Southern Oregon University Ashland, Oregon

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More Nice Comments as parents check in with me many years later.


I am one of your biggest fans!  Vanessa is doing well.  She is a senior at Chapman University, majoring in Peace Studies, with minors in German and Environmental Policy.  She is so happy and has benefited greatly from her time with you. 
Rebecca B. Smith 

Medford, Oregon

(I worked with Vanessa 5 years ago)

I wanted you to know that Heather is doing well, she is a junior (in college) and so far a 4.0! She'll probably be staying on the east coast next summer to do an internship. Thank you for all you do!
Janice Nelson

Medford, Oregon

(I worked with Heather 3 years ago)


You helped Shelby (age 17) lots last year! She is doing well in algebra this year...knock on wood!!! 

Kathy Glennon

Medford, Oregon


I always recommend you when I hear of someone in need of tutoring. Grace is thriving in college. She's applying for a Fullbright for next year to teach English in Germany. she will also look for a masters program in English as a 2nd language, or some such thing. 

Marcia Katzmar

Medford, OR  

(I worked with Grace 4 years ago).



More Notes From Students


Thanks for being such a great professor. You have really been a presence as a teacher and not just a name who grades my essays.

Monica Messmer

Nampa, ID


Thanks so much for your help today. I had fun, as usual!

Claire Huggins

Age 13

Ashland, Oregon


I was so fortunate to have Shawna as my tutor. She is so positive and caring and she knows how to have fun while learning. I always looked forward to our sessions.

Elena Wedlake

Ashland, Oregon


I wish I could have Shawna for my teacher everyday.

Nalani Thiel

Ashland, Oregon


I love being home schooled because I learn way faster than I would with an entire class because it’s just my teacher and me.

Tamzin Varaday

Talent, Oregon


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