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Math & Science Tutor


I provide individualized tutoring for home school and public/private school students who want enrichment and/or extra instruction in middle school, high school, or college level material.  I teach with joy, humor, and play so your child can fully embrace the material.


  • Basic math, pre-algebra, algebra I and II, geometry

  • GED math, ACT math, SAT math, GRE math

  • Rogue Community College math 60, 65, 90 and up

  • Logical thinking, logic puzzles, cryptography

  • Middle School and High School Biology, Chemistry, Physics


  Don't see what you need?  Contact me for more info.

Dear Shawna, Last week, when I was not feeling well, Drake asked if he could take a taxi to your house for his tutoring session. When I said “No” he asked if he could ride his bike…..I think he enjoys his time with you.

Deanna Calkins

Jacksonville, Oregon

(Drake is 11 and lives about 30 miles away)

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