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" . . . and ever thanks."

One of my wonderful parents wrote this to me after reading my December Post: "The Almeda Fire: Two Weeks Later." I am forever grateful to my wonderful students and parents - YOU are my treasures.


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful writing. As you have always done in our lives, you lead with your heart and kindness. You are a shining light. Thank you also for sharing these photos and the video footage. It is hard to comprehend.

I showed the photos to Ava and she was very sad. We talked about how many wonderful memories she has of working, playing, and creating with you in your home. Your impact in her life was profound. You always saw her with your open heart and treated her with kindness, love and patience. She treasures those times with you.

As her dad, I don't have the words to thank you for the confidence you gave to my daughter. She was feeling very beaten up by school and learning when we met you. You transformed her thinking. You showed her that she could learn on her own terms. You modeled patience and you celebrated her. You are a miracle worker, Shawna.

As Shakespeare wrote in my favorite play of his, Twelfth Night, "I can no answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks."

We send you so much love,



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